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Friday, December 10, 2010


              A Brief Insight On Urban Trendz
                         Written By Don (Ae-King) Perry®


Ok I am doing this blog on Urban fashions or Urban “Swag” Trends as I like to call it. There’s a few things people must understand about putting themselves together, it’s not about what you wear but how u actually put them when wearing them as my close friend Kimon "Dj Egnite" Parker would call it “Blending The Beats” or simply put co-ordination.
You don’t have to break the bank to wear expensive designer clothing to look trendy and hip, they are a lot of alternatives that you may consider and give a try out when u can’t afford the overly priced designer clothing and accessories. I myself have discovered this over two (2) years now and I am loving it very much, the truth is I live in the Caribbean on a tiny Island known as Jamaica to most outsiders Jamaica is simply just known for its Reggae music, Beaches, Hotels and Sight Seeing to name a few.
The truth is Jamaica and Jamaicans are highly fashionable and I do mean that in every sense of the word. Designers across the world also take note of this but they don’t come out publicly and say it or gives us any credit for making a mark on fashion. You might be wondering what the hell on earth am I talking about but let me explained further and these are some of the stuff I have discovered for myself, Remember back in the days when Americans use to wear really big clothing like for instance double (XXL) T-Shirts and really big (baggy) jeans/pants? Sure u remember as that’s not really long ago.
Here in Jamaica we also wear our jeans slightly below our posterior (Ass) as a sense of style but now I am seeing popular fashion designers emulating that idea in the sense of Men low rise jeans and boxers. That’s just one example here’s another they are also making straight fit jeans and skinny jeans for me as well, this is something Jamaican men have been doing for a few years now. Clothing alterations isn’t anything new to me or most Jamaicans as we have been doing so long time with the aid of designated tailors and dress makers alike. Alternations are very much necessary because designers fail to deliver proper fit which ultimately leads to a quick visit to the tailors/dress makers, look at it this way you’re out shopping for whatever reason and u see a nice jeans with quality styling and fabric but u wish it was straighter or boot cutted as this addition would give it a much better look and makes it unique.
Well I myself have been doing this for quite some time now and I must say I get endless compliments on my clothing and how well they fit. I discovered this back in 2008 when I started wearing American Eagle, a popular American urban brand which to be perfectly not as popular here in Jamaica back then. American Eagle is not known here much Jamaica for three (3) obvious reasons:    
 1. No Outlet / Dept. Store available here in Jamaica
 2. No Ads Running on the cable channels
 3. Opportunities to travel are few and far between
I am going to talk about some of the main urban brands you might want to give a try that’s been around for years and has already been established as well. They are seven (8) Urban brands that I personally wear and highly recommend if u wish to look as the French would say Chic and Suave, I am going to begin with my personal favourite:
1.      1) American Eagle
2.      2) Aeropostale
4.      4)Hollister
5.      5)Gap
6.      6)Old Navy
7.      7)Banana Republic
8.     8)Aldo

      All the above brands offer online experience and convenience for interested shoppers and shopping enthusiast alike. The only main drawbacks for shopping online would be that you’re going to need a valid credit card and valid shipping address, based on my experience with their sites I do think all offer international shipping this means you do not need to live in the US for them to be able to ship to you but in any event that they don’t and you live in Jamaica then you can use Global Courier Services , The Ebiz Centre and Mailpac.These companies provide you with an valid US address and if u don’t have a credit card then they would use their credit card and make the purchase and have it cleared and made available/delivered to you for a nominal fee.


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