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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A Brief History Of The Canadian Clothing Company:
1966 – HOME BASE
Aldo Bensadoun completes his French military service, teaching Economics at the École de Cavalerie de Saumur. Shortly thereafter, he returns to his favourite city, this time making Montreal his home.

ALDO Shoes is founded as a footwear concession within a chain of popular fashion boutiques. The original group includes 4 Canadian stores in Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City and Winnipeg.

The first freestanding ALDO store opens on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal, Canada, ending the practice of leased departments within the chain of clothing fashion boutiques.

1980 – 1993 EXPANSION
By 1980, the company becomes independent and prospers. Over the course of the next 13 years, 95 freestanding stores operate under the trade name ALDO.

1993 – 2001 EVOLUTION
ALDO initiates its retail entry into the U.S. market. The first ALDO U.S. store opens near Boston, Massachusetts. Over the course of the next 9 years, approximately 125 stores open in the U.S. alone. By the end of this period ALDO also operates over 180 successful stores in regional malls and key fashion street locations in most major Canadian urban centers.

In addition, the Group operates over 300 stores under 8 prominent retail banners, each catering to a distinct well-defined customer group.

ALDO ventures outside of North America under a franchise agreement in Israel.

ALDO’s success in Israel sets the course for an International business model. ALDO grants franchise rights in United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states. A third franchise is granted in Saudi Arabia.


2002 – LONDON
ALDO graces the high streets of London, England, opening prime locations on Oxford Street and Neal Street. The brand also finds its way to the English countryside opening in mall locations including Basingstoke, Uxbridge, Camden, Croydon, Kent & Southampton.

2003 – ASIA
ALDO expands to Asia, opening its doors in Singapore.

With the success of ALDO's stores in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, the brand continues its global expansion into Portugal, Denmark, Malaysia, and Lebanon.


ALDO is on the rise with new market openings in Australia, Ireland, India, South Africa and Poland.

Another exciting year of growth as ALDO opens in Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan.

Turkey, Romania, Venezuela, Panama, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile and Aruba all join the ALDO family.

ALDO opens its doors in Serbia and Montenegro.

Spain, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cyprus join the ALDO family. ALDO now operates across all continents except Antarctica!

2010 and Beyond
ALDO now has stores in Malta, Senegal, Libya, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion Island, Cote D'Ivoire, and Honduras. Now over 1,000 ALDO stores operating in 56 countries and more than 160 ALDO Accessories stores in 20 countries.

Things To Know About Aldo:
"Successful companies build on their founding traditions while looking ahead to the future - and that is what we have done at ALDO," states Aldo Bensadoun, founder & CEO of the ALDO Group, a privately-held company which operates over 1,500 retail stores, approximately 1,200 of which are under the ALDO banner. The ALDO Group is present in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland as well as in 52 franchised countries by the end of 2010.

We never lose sight of our vision: to make people feel good, through the products and the service we provide everyday. We are dedicated to providing Total Customer Service.

ALDO specializes in the creation of high-quality fashion footwear, leather goods and accessories. This sought-after brand pays close attention to detail and to fine craftsmanship. ALDO is dedicated to bringing you both quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices, season after season. What's more, ALDO's dedicated team of buyers and stylists constantly travel the globe to keep you on the pulse of fashion. Whether the latest footwear trends are breaking in London, Milan, Paris, New York or Tokyo, ALDO will have them on your feet first!

ALDO places a premium on being a good corporate citizen by working to enrich the communities in which we live and work. It's not uncommon for ALDO or its employees to participate in fundraisers or to volunteer their time to community causes. ALDO is a brand with a conscience, a brand that cares. We actively support the fight against AIDS. Giving back to our communities is a necessary and fundamental part of the work we do everyday.


Dans La Rue
Once again, during the holiday season, the ALDO Group prepared 500 backpacks, which were distributed to DANS LA RUE, an organization that helps youth living on the streets of Montreal.

Over 18,000 items, including backpacks, treats, snacks, personal hygiene products and warm accessories were collected or purchased for the cause!

60 volunteers from all of the ALDO Group's divisions generously donated their time to help out with the packaging of these items, which went directly to street kids.

Since its creation in 1988, DANS LA RUE is a safe place for these kids to go and a place for them to grow. They can find resources that have been tailored to their individual circumstances. But above all, they can draw on an unending source of respect, friendship and encouragement.


ALDO fights AIDS
ALDO has been involved with the fight against AIDS since 1985, a time when the cause carried with it an unfortunate stigma. Over the years, ALDO has committed millions of dollars to AIDS awareness and research organizations, including CanfAR, AmfAR and YouthAIDS.

In Fall 2005 and Summer 2006 ALDO took a stand with the launch of the ALDO Fights AIDS campaign, an effort that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to this important cause. Amongst the diverse and talented group of celebrities from both the big-screen and music industry elite who donated their time and energy to the campaign are some of today's most influential celebrities: Ludacris, Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, and the list goes on! The campaign used a powerful combination of top celebrities and multiple media genres to communicate real facts associated with the disease.

As part of the campaign, ALDO designed a series of limited-edition empowerment tags that were sold in-stores and online at With 100% of net proceeds benefiting YouthAIDS programs worldwide, the simple act of buying one empowerment tag for only $5 helps to educate and protect a young person from HIV/AIDS for 6 months.


Aldo Store Located In A Toronto,Canada Mall

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